• Will has been cleaning our carpets for years and we are always pleased with the results! He and his staff are friendly, personable, reliable and professional. They always do a good job and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend them!
  • I have used several different carpet cleaning companies in the past and haven't been overly thrilled with any of them, so I decided to give Will a try. He was friendly, accommodating, prompt and most importantly, did a great job. We have two dogs and a toddler, so I feel the need to keep the the little carpet we have in our home, as clean as possible. I'll be sticking with Will!
  • We have been using Wills Care Care for years and they consistently do an outstanding job. They always arrive on time and get right to work. We use them for our home and business. Carpet cleaning is thorough and they do an excellent job every time. They prespot and go over soiled areas several times. A few years ago, Will's cleaned what appeared to be unsaveable tenant carpet with remarkable results. He also repaired a torn carpet for us & no one can tell where the repair was made.
  • I've called Will twice now. Both times I've been able to make an appt within a week, and during the visits he was professional, on time, in person, and did a great job steam cleaning our carpets. We'll be calling Will again, because we've received such great service, and also, because, you know, we have two kids, one dog and one cat.
  • Not only is Will just about the nicest guy. He is on time, considerate of your home, and is excellent at cleaning carpets. My home has never looked better. Getting out stains I didn't think were possible and leaving it soft to walk on and smelling fresh and clean. I can't say enough great things about his service.
  • My wife and I are very pleased with what Will's was able to do. Our carpet, which is 13 years old, looks fresh, clean and ready............new. We will use again and recommend.
  • We have four dogs that are in and out and Will's Carpet Care always brings it back to looking new. Will definitely use no one else.
  • I had Will come out and take care of ( the dog doesn't want to go out in the cold ) problem. He did a great job its been a week and the smell is gone and the carpet looks great. Were gonna keep the mutt in doggie jail in the house when were not watching him. I would recommend Wills Carpet Care to my best of friends.
  • This is the best carpet cleaning job I have ever had! I called Will out to my house for stains that every other carpet place said would be impossible to remove. I went in with the expectation that it would be better but not gone. My 5 year old stepped in her older sisters red lipstick tracking it from upstairs all the way down stair to living room. Will got it out! There was also a red koolaid stain that was also removed. I will recommend will to everyone I know. As far as price I called around to at least 6 carpet cleaning places and they were charging a huge amount for the stairs and he kept it very reasonable. Again highly impressed!
  • Will's Carpet Care shampooed 5 areas yesterday afternoon. We thought that the carpet was beyond hope but after Will finished cleaning, they looked like new again! The owner Will Pate is friendly and easy to work with. We were impressed with him, his work and will definitely use his services in the near future.
  • Will did an awesome job cleaning my carpets and tiles! He was very courteous, thorough and fast.
  • We were in dire need of a carpet cleaning with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Will did a fantastic job - way better than I could've hoped for. He was able to get everything out of our super light carpet. He was extremely reliable, easy to work with and just an overall super nice guy. I highly recommend him!
  • "Three kids, one dog, and light carpet creates a need for regular carpet cleaning. Will's Carpet Care has been my solution for over 10 years. His team shows up on time and is courteous."
    JC Waller
  • “For whomever is reading this, know that I do not take referrals lightly, but with Will, I know that I can always depend on him to go the extra mile in providing an exceptional service. I am a real estate agent who has referred Will to many clients, including my own children. He has never disappointed me in the service he provided to my clients or in any other way, nor has he disappointed my clients in the services performed. I have always found Will upfront and honest in his assessment and I know that I can trust him fully. I whole heartedly recommend Will and his services. Please feel free to call if you would like to talk with me directly, I don’t put my name to people lightly and Will is no exception.”
    Vicki Finley
  • "I would happily recommend Will’s Carpet Care for your services. Will’s crew has been working for Recar & Associates for more than 10 years. Will’s company has had some amazing results on flooring that we thought couldn’t be saved - which saved a lot of money for our clients without sacrificing quality to our renters. Will presents himself as a professional and we are proud to recommend him to our renters who inquire about carpet cleaning services. Please contact me if I can give you further recommendation for Will’s Carpet Care – they are reasonably priced and provide excellent service.”
  • “For 12+ years, Will Pate has been there when we needed him. Will's Carpet Care handles all our regular turnover, crunch times and emergency situations in the apartments, townhomes and houses in our ten properties. We trust Will's Carpet Care to decide what service the unit needs and to keep us on schedule. It is a pleasure to have a vendor on whom we can depend year after year.”
    J. Mark Waugh