Do you have wrinkles in your carpet? If the answer is yes, then you probably need to have your carpet re-stretched. To test this out, go to the middle of your room and grab a tuft of carpet. Lift the carpet up and let it go. If it doesn't pop right back down, then it is too loose. After a few years, the backing of your carpet begins to stretch out and your carpeting will no longer have the correct tension on it. Loose carpet can wear out at a quicker rate and is an eyesore. If your carpeting is less than 2 years old, you should check your warranty. Most carpet comes with a 2-year labor warranty, which will cover re-stretching.
  • 3 Rooms Deep-Steamed Cleaned with Free Deodorizing: $74.99
  • 5 Rooms Deep-Steamed Cleaned with Free Carpet Protection: $126.99
  • Commercial Properties .09 Cents A Square and $1.00 A Stair
  • Vacant House: Priced Per Job and $1.00 A Stair
  • Area Rugs Priced Per Job
  • Carpet Repair Priced Per Job
  • Pet Odor Removal Priced Per Job
  • Sofa and Love Seat Cleaning: $99.99 or Priced Per Job
  • Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning: $.60/sq ft 250 Square Foot Minimum Grout Sealing Included